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Devoted Breeder of warm, wacky, wilful and wonderful Burmese ...

Devoted Breeder of warm, wacky, wilful and wonderful Burmese ...


Welcome to Timimoun.  I’m Sally Morrison, a registered N.Z.C.F. Breeder, and Burmese cats are my passion and my joy.  With the support of my husband Doug, I have been breeding these exquisite creatures, including the beautiful silvers, for the past 29 years.


A brief background to my lines.  My first breeding queen, my Lili, was a silver, from Cineole lines.  Shamonita lines also feature strongly, (many thanks here to Jill Dugan, for her help and guidance over the years).  Thanks also to Sue Spain, of Hijinx, for  providing me with two beautiful boys, Tane and Manu, and to Claudia Finnegan, (Kyleburshan) for two beautiful girls, Delphi and Cushla.  In recent years, I’ve collaborated strongly with my friend and neighbour, Dawn Whitehouse, of Zuriel Burmese, a fruitful and rewarding ongoing alliance.


I currently have one stud, and five breeding queens. 


Take a look at our cattery, browse the gallery, and learn more about Timimoun, the Burmese breed, and our beloved cats and kittens.

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