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Hi There
This is an update on 4/5/24.

I have only one kitten still available from the current round of litters. You can see him in the pics below, and his details. 

Here is information you'll need, if considering adopting one of my kittens;

My kittens are sold at the age of 10 weeks.
They will be health-checked, and have their first flu vaccination.
They will be litter-trained, and flea and worm treated.
A 4-generation pedigree is provided on pick-up, and  a 2kg pack of Royal Canin kitten biscuits is available online, to see them on their way.
They are NOT de-sexed, but you will be required to sign a de-sexing agreement on pickup.
My current price is $900.00 per kitten.

As I live in a very remote area, at the top of the Coromandel Peninsula, I take my litters to Thames for pickup, on their selling day.
I make half-hourly appointments on the day, and am usually at a local pet-friendly motel for collection.
If you're unable to meet in Thames, it may pay to look elsewhere..I am too far from airports, either Hamilton or Auckland, to make flying them financially viable I'm afraid..and I consider pet vans far too long and arduous a journey for my wee ones.

If all of this suits you, do get in touch via my Contacts page, to discuss adoption. Let me know your location, and a little about yourselves..( eg rural/urban, backyard, children, work-from-home or both work..etc). You can also call me.

Now..the wee boy below..he is the one seated upright with his brother in the pic of 2 kittens. He is available for pickup from Thames on May 18th. He is a friendly active wee lad, very well-adjusted.
Let me know if you think he may be the right companion for you.

Regarding future litters, I expect the next round to come available around September/October, approximately.
I am happy to add people to my waiting list.


  UPDATE 15/5/24;  The wee red-silver boy is now RESERVED. Do get in touch via the Contacts page, if you'd like to be listed for the next round of litters.


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