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Hi there, this is an update, on 24/10/23.

All the kittens pictured below, are currently BOOKED!.

In the coming days and weeks, if they're booked, it will be noted on the photo text.

This round of litters was truly a bumper crop! Three litters of seven, one of six, and one of five. And close together..

I'm running, haha!

A total of 32 kittens..20 of them reserved via my waiting list. The 12 remaining are pictured below, and their mothers are pictured also, as is their Dad, Beau, just for interest's sake.

If you see a kitten you like, get in touch via the Contacts page. I can then send other individual pics, and we can take it from there.

1. and 2.

Marley's blue boy, seal boy, and one very tiny seal-tortie girl. And their mother, Marley.

Pickup in Thames Saturday October 21st.

 (5/10/23.ALL reserved.)

3. and 4.

One chocolate girl, and a lilac, a blue, and 2 seal boys. And, their mother, Bedelia, ( Bea ).

Pickup in Thames on Saturday, October 21st.

 ( 5/10/23. ALL reserved. )

5. and 6. 

Three seal-silver boys, 2 available.

A chocolate boy, a lilac boy, and a seal girl.

Pickup Thames on Saturday November 4th.

( 5/10/23. ALL reserved.)

7. and 8.

Georgia, mother of the above kittens. And Beau, my gorgeous chocolate boy, Dad to all the kittens.

All kittens are available now, pickup in Thames by arrangement.

PLEASE READ information below the pics, you'll need it to make a purchasing decision!

All kittens come with their first vaccinations,and

vet health check, and are aged 10 weeks when sold.

( They are NOT de-sexed, I recommend that happens around 4 months of age..buyers must however, sign a de-sexing agreement on purchase.)

They are litter-trained,de-flead, wormed, their pedigree form provided, and a Royal CaninBiscuit pack will accompany them to their new home.

Pickup is in Thames, ( an hour and a half journey for me, coming from the top of the Coromandel Peninsula.That's a good half way point for most buyers.)

If you're interested, do call, or use the Contacts page.


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