Update 10/3/21.

Due to very small litter numbers, I'm not able to take any bookings right now, until I can fill the ones I have...my apologies. Hopefully I can resume soon.

Also, I'm away on holiday from 15/3/21 to 30/3/21. As it's a tramping trip, I'll most likely be unable to be contacted..apologies, but please expect a delayed reply to any communications.




Hi there, 

  Here's an update on my current and future litters.

  Blessie and Oonah have "retired" to loving new families. I miss them...

  Tilda is due to retire this coming weekend.

  Bea is all grown, and has 6 wee babes right now.

  Masih had her first litter, four sweeties. All re-homed now.

  Polly and Milli and Eva Luna are in the family way.


  Lucky me, during lockdown, and now, beyond 

  And I'm so busy! And still I can't keep up with demand.



   So, the waiting list is long..but defectors abound, due to changed circumstance, clashes with holidays or house changes, kittens found elsewhere, not the perfect colour/gender..etc etc. . It IS probably going to be in the mid to late months of next year before I can help, but it's still worth getting listed. Fate may just fall your way!

  N.B. Should you decide to contact me, I welcome phone calls, ( not texts, please ), and it's much easier to reach me via my      mobile, if you'd like to discuss anything, and ask any questions, or get in touch with me directly, through my Contacts  page, if you'd like to be listed.



  Let me know your LOCATION, something of your circumstances, ( i.e. children, rural/urban, previous pets..), and any KITTEN GENDER/COLOUR PREFERENCES, that you may have.

If you're unsure on colours, do check out my Gallery/albums page.

             Hope you enjoy the photos!

                         SALLY.                                     N.B. Stay safe and well in these strange times.

   N.B. It has recently come to my attention, that the " Contact" button on my Contacts page doesn't show up on mobile .I'll    try to fix this, but meanwhile, try on your home computer. 

   Sorry for the inconvenience.

   N.B. Please scroll to the end of the page, for more relevant information on my kitten sales.

  Pics below;

   1.Milli's babes.                                      2. Milli and babes.

  3. Milli and babes.                                4. Tilda.

  5. Beau.                                                   6. Beau.

  7. Bea.                                                     8. Masih.





DSC00009 2.jpg
DSC00028 2.jpg

  My apologies to South islanders..I don't generally send my kittens by air, as my location means it's a seven hour round trip to either Auckland or Hamilton Airports.

( If you're wanting two, contact me and I'll consider it.)


  N.B.  My kittens are priced at $700.00 each, and are sold at the age of 10 weeks, after their first               vaccination. A four-generation pedigree will be provided, and the buyer(s) will receive a                 Royal Canin kitten pack, (by online application), to see the wee one on their way.