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About Us

Sally and Doug Morrison

Our Cattery

Hi, I'm Sally and I am very pleased to welcome you to Timimoun's website

Our kittens have purpose-built playground facilities to ensure there is every opportunity for fun and exercise

Timimoun is situated in a remote, bush-clad area, on Port Charles Road, at the top of the Coromandel Peninsula. It’s for this reason, that I travel to Thames, when re-homing my kittens.  Despite the travel issue, it’s a wonderful place to raise cats!


Our cats are selected for health and temperament, plus conformity to the N.Z.C.F. Breed Standard.  Of primary importance to me, is the house-rearing of the cats and kittens.  After all, 99.9% of our kittens go to family homes, not to fellow breeders, and intense socialisation in the early months is crucial in producing happy, relaxed companions.  Here at Timimoun, they are immersed in human domestic activities, and have a familiarity with dogs and children.


That said, caging is, of course, a necessary temporary aspect of an efficient breeding programme.  Males must be separated, mating controlled, kittens litter-trained, and protection provided for and from the environment.  It’s all a balancing act!  Thanks to our seclusion, however, our “Burms” can enjoy large measures of indoor/outdoor freedom.

Current Issues


Hypokalemia.  This inheritable disease, a potassium deficiency, has been on the increase in Burmese lines, in some part of the world.  It is passed on when both parents carry the gene.  The N.Z.C.F. ruling, therefore, is that all imported cats must be tested for Hypokalemia, before entering New Zealand. 

27/7/2016. I have recently tested all my queens for hypokalemia, and they're all negative. I am now confident that I can continue to provide happy healthy pets.

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