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Our two lovely Burmese are such good companions; they "help" in the garden, keep mice down, keep me warm on cold winter nights. You're never alone with a Burmese, they come when you call, though if the cage is out for a trip to the vet's, it's a matter of looking behind chairs and under beds. It's a tribute to your breeding and bringing them up for the first weeks that they are so sociable. I wish I could have more, but two are probably enough. Jenny

Pearl is almost 3 and is the most gorgeous girl. Athletic, smart, pretty and only little. She is loved by everyone. When she arrived she was house trained and confident. Melissa

'I was lucky enough to be given one of Sally's kittens as a 50th Birthday gift. Zeus is a gorgeous chocolate burmese that gets on very well with our other burmese cat. He is very affectionate and loves to snuggle on my knee or around my head when I am asleep. A avid hunter that loves bringing inside all the animals he catches! I would definately recommend a kitten from any of Sally's cat litters. Lisa

We were very happy with our boys - Louie & Franco - they have amazing personalities & have been amazing with our kids. They put up with lots of 'cuddles' from both of our babies, love being around us - following us wherever we are outside & are great cuddlers. We sadly lost Louie to a car a year or so back but Franco has done very well & become even cuddlier since. If we get another we will definitely be back to you! Jessica

They are the loveliest, friendliest most amazing pets ever! We absolutely love them and they are the best pets for the kids. They LOVE the kids and smooch with them all the time. They follow them to the neighbours' houses and even join in on birthday parties with tonnes of screaming kids all trying to pat them and love it. Everywhere we go they follow, so they are often doing the gardening with me or at the edge of the pool watching the kids swimming. Curtayne Family

We absolutely adore little Burmese Luna who fit into our family perfectly from day one! Everyone she meets falls in love with her playful, cuddly, inquisitive personality and she is best friends with our older moggy. We really couldn't imagine life without Luna now. She brings us so much joy, waiting at the door when we get home and desperate to snuggle in with us each night. We couldn't recommend Sally's Kittens enough and would definitely purchase from her again. Gabrielle and Will Auckland

I was most impressed with the information provided prior to purchase of a kitten. I received a happy, healthy kitten which grew into a wonderful companion. Dorothy

"I absolutely love my beautiful Burmese boy, Graham. He is full of character and a true lover of all humans and animals. He is famous among my friends and family and has turned every cat 'hater' into a cat lover. He comes in the car with me and is totally relaxed. He is addicted to human contact and will take any chance he can get to sleep, in the bed, under the sheets, with anyone he can. I couldn't recommend Sally and her breeding more - beautiful cats with fantastic genes!" Alex

We got our Burmese as a kitten and although it has only been a couple of years, he is truly one of the family. He is such a delight, has an amazing nature and is very loving to all members including our older cat. Burmese are one of the finest breeds of cats that we have ever known and we would recommend Sally to all. The Harris Family in Warkworth

"We absolutely love our beautiful Burmese David. He has the most loving, friendly and affectionate nature as well as being a real little character. David is part of our family and a big cat brother to our pup Honey, they are best buddies. He is such a special cat and we love him so much." Georgina

We cannot recommend Sally highly enough for the care she took in helping us to select what has turned out to be the most beautiful little kitten. We collected Sumi from Thames at only 10 weeks old, and a couple of weeks later, went caravanning with her, and her older sister (a Blue Burmese). She took to it like the proverbial duck to water.   Alastair & Gilly Sumiko - Lilac Burmese SUMIKO (澄子): Japanese name meaning "clear/pure thinking child

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